How to Deal With Sand Traps

Some golfers, especially those who are just starting out, may feel some panic and dread landing on the bunker. This is completely understandable as hitting the ball out of the sand is not the easiest shot in golf. Some golfers may require two to three swings before successfully getting out of the bunker, pulling down his overall score. Here are a few tips on how to deal with sand traps and using a wedge to get out of tight spots.

First, one should identify the condition of the sand—whether it is shallow or wet—as it would greatly affect the bunker shot technique required. If the sand is indeed wet or shallow, it would be best to keep the head of the golf club square on and just swing as normal. This would prevent the ball from ballooning straight over the green. Next, a golfer would have the tendency to sway to the left with bunker shots. It is important to identify any unnecessary movement and avoid it by turning the body when making the shot. Additionally, a bunker shot would need to take some sand underneath the ball in order to successfully get out of the sand trap. The ball is hardly touched as the club hits the sand that holds the ball and takes the ball with it. To successfully do so, one should make sure that he has an open stance and his club face open. Finally, as with any other golf swing, one should make sure to follow through in order to successfully slide the club under the golf ball and get of the sand trap. These simple tips will help a golfer get out of the sand trap easier and quicker.

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