How to Get Out of the Bunker

Getting into the bunker is probably one of the challenging points in golf. One has to master getting out of the bunker to minimize unnecessary shots, thus lowering your golf score. To be able to succeed to getting out of the bunker, one has to do three things: a correct setup, a proper technique and a consistent entry point.

First, one has to learn about the proper golf equipment to use to get the ball out of the sand. One has to use a sand wedge to do this. For a correct setup, each foot should have equal weight. The sand wedge's face should be slightly open when about to hit the ball. The backswing should be set in a straight back position, enabling a vertical swing that will enter the bunker at about two inches hitting the ball. One's goal should to take a much as little sand while avoiding hitting the ball. The sand should be the one to lift the ball out of the bunker.

While making the shot, the club should remain open. To do this, the left wrist (where the face of watch will be) should face you once you make the shot. This is what in golf they call "cupping of the wrist". This will enable quality shots in the bunker. Since the club remains open, the ball is thrown into the air in a backspin motion.

For a golfer to improve his shots in getting his ball out of the bunker, he doesn't have to do it perfectly the first time, but rather keeping in mind in the basics to do this.

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